2011 Ice Cream Social Host Application


22 March, 2011

Potential Social Hosts

The Medina Community Band begins its 152nd yr on the Square in June. Concerts are each Friday evening beginning June 3 running thru July 29, with a concert on July 4th.


We solicit community groups to Host an Ice Cream Social each week during the season. We ask more than 15 and assign on a rotating basis groups that show an interest and have sufficient manpower to provide service to the customers.


You are encouraged to bake as many cakes and pies as you can, homemade always out sells store bought! We provide Ice Cream in 3 gallon containers for you to serve, Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry from Hershey’s here in Medina.


The enclosed application outlines items you need to have. To satisfy the Health Department, you are encouraged to make signage asking for donations rather than sale.


Please feel free to contact us if you have questions, crowds do vary due to weather and weekends, but 500-1000 is a fair estimate of the expected crowd, with 4th of July being the largest at over 2000.


Your service to the community satisfying their taste for pie and ice cream is as much a part of the family tradition as the Band!


Look forward to seeing you this year at a concert.


Sincerely yours,
Tom Borror, President
 Medina Community Band Association





For the 2011 Summer Season

Name of Organization ______________________________________________________________________________

Contact Person/Telephone Number _______________________________________ /___________________________
Street Address/City and Zip ______________________________________________ / __________________________
Size of Organization/Number of Adults to work at Ice Cream Social ________________________ /_________________
Purpose or Mission of Organization ____________________________________________________________________
WHEN: Friday evenings of June and July
TIME: 6:00 to 9:30 pm
CROWD SIZE: 500-2500 depending on weather
UTILITIES: Water and electric available
SOCIAL HOST DONATION: We request $100 payable to MCBA- in advance or night of concert
BAND ASSOCIATION PRPOVIDES: Ice cream at MCBA’s cost (approximately $28/tub) First 3 are free

SOCIAL HOST PROVIDES: Pop, coffee, ice cream cones, cups or bowls, homemade desserts, plates, cups, plasticware, napkins, garbage bags, extension cords, etc.

WEATHER CANCELLATIONS: Come to the square and a Kiwanis representative will inform you of cancellations. This decision will be made after 6:00 pm the evening of the concert.

BAND ASSOCIATION CONTACT: Tom Borror 330-722-6859 TBorror@aol.com

MAIL APPLICATION TO: Medina Community Band Association, P O Box 1477, Medina, OH, 44258

Please return completed application by April 18th, 2011.

Organizations chosen to host an ice cream social this year will be notified April 30th, 2011.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call.


Brenda Marshall,
Mar 25, 2011, 5:39 AM
Brenda Marshall,
Mar 25, 2011, 5:39 AM