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Current Band Member Newsletter

Medina Community Band

(Celebrating 159 years of community service)

Thursday, November 9th, 2017 - Volume 44, Number 11


Good afternoon all –


This is the first newsletter being sent to David Roth, associate conductor, to post on the MCB website.  From this point further, our weekly newsletter will be delivered in this manner and no longer emailed to the ensemble via the newsletter listserv.  Section leaders are asked to remind their sections of this change.


Bravo and congratulations on last night’s perform.  It really had to be one of the most musical of the series.  So very many compliments from the committee, guest speakers, and audience!  Bravo and thank you all so very much for your hard work!  


Our next rehearsal will be on Wednesday, November 15th in the band room of Highland Middle School!


We will spend the first half of our rehearsal on the 15th reading two new pieces: “Kentucky Sunrise” (Karl L. King) and “Danzón No. 2” (Márquez/Boysen) – both of which will be passed out next Wednesday evening.


The second half of the rehearsal will be spent working on the following:


Madam Butterfly - Lakmé: Flower Song – accompaniment only

L 'Encore – accompaniment only

Bugler’s Holiday – accompaniment only

Die Frau Meisterin Overture – Suppé/Laurendeau 


See you on Wednesday - Marcus

Marcus L. Neiman
Conductor - Medina Community Band