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Band Member Newsletter

Good morning all –


Bravo and congratulations on Friday, July 13th concert. Beautiful weather, great responsive crowd, and a great performance by the ensemble! And, despite the day being “Friday the 13th” it was very good for all of us!


David Roth will be primary conductor for the Friday, July 20th concert.  I am dealing with “mom” demands and my UC has “not” been cooperative.  While the mind is calm and focused, my body keeps saying, “oh, no, it’s now.”  Mind over body will prevail – hopefully.  Thanks for your understanding!  David will do an exceptional job – please give him your total attention.  Break a leg and focus!


Here’s Friday, July 20th program:




Wednesday, July 25th will be our season final rehearsal.  We will begin at 7p, as usual; however, only those people playing the July 27th concert should attend the rehearsal. Seating will be in Gazebo seating!  Our next rehearsal will be on the first Wednesday of September (September 5th).  Site will be provided soon!


Just a few comments about the selection of repertoire.  There have been some questions from folks new to the ensemble.  First, the last concert of the season has usually been at ‘best of season’ concert where I place pieces that have been requested by either band members, or our fans, to be repeated. Being the last concert of the season, I also attempt to play selections that the band feels comfortable with and I feel comfortable conducting.  There is a burn-out factor from playing a long season and the last concert should be ‘fun’ for us all.


Final word to section leaders. A reminder that section leaders should keep up with their emails. Section leaders should be aware of the programs and what changes in the program for the week have taken place. While I appreciate questions from the band on ‘the program has been changed,’ please email your concerns rather than shout them out during rehearsal!  Thanks!  Likewise, while I welcome hearing the challenges that sections are having with the literature, and ‘do’ take recommendations into account – as you can see from playlist changes, I have complete faith in each section leader to ‘work things out with their sections.’  I really don’t need an extended email on why a piece isn’t working for one section, or another.  Bottom line, section leaders have the responsibility to work with their sections to insure that pieces are ready to play at rehearsal and performance.  If any piece, in your opinion, isn’t going to work, please advise me – but I really don’t need more than ‘I believe this piece isn’t going to work for my section!’  Again, many thanks for all you folks do to make all of this work!