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Current Band Member Newsletter

Medina Community Band
(Celebrating 158 years of community service)

Thursday, May 18 - Volume 43, Number 25

Afternoon all –

 I’m going to ask all of our section leaders to get this information out to their sections.  It seems that Gmail is blocking the newsletter as SPAM.  There are over 25 members of the group who are having problems getting our newsletter, so I’m going to send this information to all of you and ask you forward it to your sections.  There are three points that need to go out today!

 (1)  It has come to my attention that Rt 94 – Ridge Road – will have a closed section for 90 days.  All I have been able to find out is that it will be around the Granger Road intersection and last for 90-days. If any of you have more information, please forward it to all of us.  Construction is slated to start on May 30th!

(2)  It has come to my attention that we will probably be rehearsing in the band room at Highland High School for most of the summer.  We have been informed that a night custodian will be on duty in the high school, which makes it possible for us to rehearse in that building.  If/when cleaning of the wing we rehearse in is to take place, we will be notified and move to the middle school.

(3)  For a number of reasons, I need to change the rehearsal order for tomorrow night.  You will find the play list below.  I’m hoping this doesn’t create too much difficulty for you all.


Thanks for your understanding.


Marcus Neiman, conductor


Play list for Wednesday, May 24th – REVISED


Carnival Variations (Jacoby/McRae) – Marcia Kline, Paul Rocco, Lu Ann Gresh, soloists

Bugatti Step (Ježek/Bělohoubek) – Vicki Smith, Amy Dragga, Mary Ann Grof-Neiman, Margaret Blasko, soloists

El baile de Luis Alonso (Giménez/Hacek)

Miss Trombone (Fillmore)


Raymond Overture (Thomas/Safranek)

L’Oiseau de Bois (Le Thière) – Sue McLaughlin, soloist

Greensleeves (arr. Reed) – John Connors, conducting

Right Forward (Sousa) – John Connors, conducting

Toute la Nuit Rag (Pryor)

Pahson Trombone (Fillmore)


Fingal’s Cave (Mendelssohn/Safranek)

Celtic Flutes (Gäble) – Sue McLaughlin & Amy Muhl, soloists

Hyacinth Rag (Botsford/Lewis)

Sally Trombone (Fillmore)

        Entry March of the Boyars (Halvorsen/Barnes)

Marcus L. Neiman

Conductor - Medina Community Band