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Current Band Member Newsletter

Medina Community Band (Celebrating 158 years of community service) 

Saturday, July 8th - Volume 43, Number 44

Good morning all – 


I’m hoping that the next three weeks are easier to navigate than the last three weeks!  Despite all the confusion with weather interruptions, I can’t thank you all enough for ‘working the problem.’  Special thanks to the weather committee and section leaders for helping me jump through the hoops and keeping people informed.  It is important that all of you realize that I have attempted to make sure that those who agreed to perform solos on the rained out concerts were assigned make-up dates on remaining concerts. From that point, I have attempted to move pieces that are best prepared and will be best received by the audience into the remaining concerts. 


As I mentioned in the Thursday newsletter, I am sending you the playlist for this coming Wednesday’s rehearsal, which reflects the playlists for the concerts on Friday, July 14th and July 21st. 


Playlist for Friday, July 21st concert, which will be rehearsed first hour on Wednesday, July 12th.  This concert is a dedication to David Van Doren.


William Tell Overture (final allegro only) (Rossini/Leidzen)

Bonnie Annie Laurie March (Sousa)

L'Oiseau de Bois (Le Thière) – Sue McLaughlin, soloist

E Pluribus Unum March (Jewell)

Polka Dots Trio (Buchtel) – Van Doren, Connors, Kreglow – soloists

Pride of the Illini March (King)

I Dreamed a Dream (Schönberg/Brown) – Denise Milner-Howell, soloist

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Arlen/Barker) – Denise Milner-Howell, soloist

Greensleeves (Reed) – David Roth, conducting

Right Forward March (Sousa) – David Roth, conducting

Shoutin’ Liza Trombone (Fillmore)


Playlist for Friday, July 14th concert, which will be rehearsed the second hour on Wednesday, July 12th 


Star Spangled Banner (Key/Sousa)

Hoe Down (from Fifth Suite) (Reed)

Royal Scotch Highlanders March (King) – Gene Milford, conducting

Wyoming Days Intermezzo (King) – Gene Milford, conducting

Trumpeter’s Lullaby (Anderson) – Jim Fry, soloist

Americans We March (Fillmore)

Tribute to Rudy Wiedoft (Wiedoft/Schuller) – Todd Gaffke, soloist

         Valse Erica, Saxarella, and Saxophobia

Le Régiment de Sambre et Meuse (arr. Fennell)

Hyacinth Rag (Botsford/Lewis)

Shoutin’ Liza Trombone (Fillmore)

Stars and Stripes Forever (Sousa)

God Bless America (Berlin/Leidzen)



Thanks for all your hard work and efforts - Marcus

Marcus L. Neiman
Conductor - Medina Community Band