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Band Member Newsletter

Medina Community Band

Celebrating 160 years of community service)

Thursday, August 30th - Volume 45, Number 1

Good morning all –


Lots of ‘stuff’ in this first email.  If you are new, please read through it all.  If you are returning, please glean revisions and updates!  While I’m sure that I’ve missed something, this email must go out – I’ll update more at the first rehearsal. 


We’re almost there! The first rehearsal of the 2018-19 season will take place in the band room at Highland Middle School3880 Ridge Road, Medina 44256, from 7p until 9p, on Wednesday, September 5th. As always, chairs and stands will be provided and minimal percussion will be made available.


I am sending this newsletter to all section leaders and blind copying new members. Section leaders are asked to not only copy/resend this newsletter to their sections, but also to confirm which of their players will be at the first rehearsal and ask about possible new members.  SL, please advise me ONLY of those folks who will not be attending the first rehearsal or taking a leave.  Any of you who can recommend new players, please either email me or have the new player email me!


Members - if you are not going to be able to be at rehearsals, either the first, or for the beginning of the season, please make sure that you email both your section leader and me! We will begin removing music from the last season from folders during the month of September – lists to follow! I will be joined by David Roth, associate conductor, and John Connors, assistant conductor, again this season!  I can’t tell you all how excited I am to be getting this season started. I hope to see you all next Wednesday!


My hope is to get the newsletter posted to the website on Thursday of each week – at times, I simply will send it to section leaders first and get it posted later.  The bottom line is getting the newsletter into the hands of the members in a timely fashion.  The location for the newsletter, on the website, will probably be - http://www.medinacommunityband.org/Home/current-band-member-newsletter.  We are hopeful that David Roth will also be able to send weekly ‘text blasts’ with reminders.


Some thoughts and requests:


·        Medina Community Band is an all-star/no star group. Leave your ego at the door. Comments/criticism should be construction and given in private, not shouted out at rehearsal!

·        Come to rehearsal prepared to rehearse, know your part before rehearsal.  If you have to miss rehearsal and share a folder, get it to your stand partner!

·        Communicate effectively – we are all busy, but it only takes a minute to email/call and say (at least), “I’m busy, but will respond to you when I can!”


Marcus Neiman, conductor




Since this is the first email for the new season, some house cleaning and reviews are in order:


Recruiting: As always, we seek new members! If you know of individuals who might be, or are interested, in joining MCB, please email me as soon as you can! I have already sent an email to section leaders and encourage you to help!  We are seeking oboe, clarinet, saxophone (alto, tenor, baritone), French horn, cornet/trumpet, and percussion players.


Rehearsal site: Our primary rehearsal space for the coming year will be Highland Middle School.  Parking is available in the main lot and is very close to the entrance to the middle school band room. Directions to the site can be found on the website (http://www.medinacommunityband.org/directions-to-highland-hs).


Rehearsal requests: I need to bring to you attention a request coming from not only section leaders, but also members of the ensemble. Please do not text, send/take cell phone messages – unless they are of an emergency nature - during rehearsals. This is distracting to other players (and me). We will all survive for the length of a rehearsal! Thanks in advance for your attention to this matter. Professional rehearsal decorum will always be in place: keep talking to a minimum and related to what we are doing in rehearsal; please keep criticism (constructive or otherwise) of other players and conductors to yourself – it’s counter-productive and, frankly, unprofessional.  If you have a comment/complaint, please approach me after rehearsal (or via phone or email) and we can try to work things out – doing so during a rehearsal is not welcomed or acceptable.


Concerts: The Veterans Day Concert will be on Wednesday, November 7th, 7p, St. Francis Xavier ChurchThe Winter Concert will be on Sunday, January 27th, at Medina High School Middle Stage, 2p. The EHOVE Concert, in Milan, Ohio, will be on Sunday, April 28th, at 2p. The Spring Concert will be on Sunday, May 5th, Medina High School Middle Stage, 2p. I’m hoping there are no changes to these dates/times/sites – if there are, I’ll get back to you.


Summer concerts on the square in the Medina’s Uptown Park Gazebo will be Friday, June 7th; 14th; 21st; and 28th; Thursday, July 4th; no concert on Friday, July 5th; Friday, July 12th; 19th; and, 26th.  All summer concerts begin at 8:30p and last approximately one hour.


Rehearsal literature:  Please keep in mind that September has historically been a ‘reading month’ where we review literature that has been tentatively selected for the coming season. You should all be aware that I have blocked out playlists for all concerts through the end of next July.  I’ve done this primarily to allow the librarians to get this music in your folders and to rehearsal literature that is demanding and/or new to the group. There will be changes as we move through the season, be advised.


Please be aware that rehearsal order is always tentative!  I have received comments/complaints ‘why has the order been changed?’  In fairness to all, let me tell you that all rehearsals are built on music that needs to be rehearsed.  It is also built on available personnel to read the rehearsal and conductors who will be running the rehearsal.  When any of those variables change, the rehearsal order will change.  Please accept changes in rehearsal order graciously realizing that the order is changed for the benefit of the group and the conductor – not as a means to anger the players – deal with it!


This group reads/performs between 90 and 110/120 different pieces a music a year.  Members are expected to come to rehearsal prepared with the notes/rhythms so we can work on musical playing during rehearsals.  Those are my expectations.  I will work on rhythms/notes, but that’s not how this group works – LEARN YOUR MUSIC AT HOME AND COME TO REHEARSAL PREPARED TO MAKE MUSIC!


More information on removing music from the folders will be provided at the first rehearsal. What you do not have in the listing below will be provided at the first rehearsal. Rehearsal repertoire are subject to change! The library staff will be passing out new music at the first rehearsal – a list of music to be removed from folders will be forthcoming! Make sure you bring a pencil to the first rehearsal!


Wednesday, September 6th Rehearsal



Wednesday, September 12th



Wednesday, September 19th



Wednesday, September 26th