2009 Summer Concerts, 150th Anniversary

Hello from Gothenburg, Sweden where my family has been living for 10 years. I have read the history of the band with great interest for my paternal grandfather was Harry Lincoln, a former director of bands in Medina. I learned some things about him that I had never heard before such as that he and two others had the first music school in Medina. I am pleased that the July 4th concert this year featured music from his years of conducting since he died on July 4, 1948. He moved to Cleveland from Maine and Boston in the early 1900's to play the clarinet in some of the philharmonic orchestras of that era. He switched to the cello as his principal instrument, moved to Medina after marrying, and made many fine violins and cellos in his workshop at his home on East North St. One of his cellos was played for many years by Gregg Fiocca who played the Dvorak concerto on it one year at Severance Hall. My daughter plays one of his violins. I have my own wonderful memories of playing in the community band from the late 50's until the mid 60's while I was in junior high and high school in Medina. One could do this if recommended by the band directors. I played my grandfather Lincoln's clarinet which by that time was about one hundred years old. I saw that the march Amparita Roca was played this summer, and that was one of my favorite pieces. Playing in the concerts was a wonderful thing to do in the summer with one's friends and really gave one the feeling of being part of the town. When I tell friends now about doing this for many summers they are in awe of such a fantastic opportunity for young people. Who could ever forget the music played, the lights, the children marching around with flags, the church ice cream and pies for sale, the old folks from the nursing homes sitting in the front rows, and the sheer happiness that permeated the air even after the last note had sounded ? Long live the bands and summer concerts ! Best Wishes on the anniversary ! Kim Lincoln Nicholas Hometown: Medina, Ohio

Hands Across the Sea!

Just a short note to wish you and the Medina Community Band a very Happy Christmas.  Whilst it may be, perhaps, inappropriate in the current economic climate, also to wish you all a prosperous New Year, in the very pleasant circumstances of the Band’s forthcoming 150th Anniversary, I attach a ‘card’ which I have prepared which I hope you will be able to share with its members.

You may be interested to know that the picture of Malmesbury Abbey in the snow (bottom left) was painted by Francesca Alden-Fenn who, in addition to her obvious skills as an artist, is also Principal Clarinettist with the Malmesbury Concert Band!  Although an original Abbey dated back to 676AD, this Abbey building, of which only part now rem
ains, dates back to 1180AD and since 1541AD has been the Parish Church of Malmesbury, and is used regularly for Concerts as well as for Worship.
With very kind regards

Tony Fleming
Wiltshire, UK