David M. Van Doren, Jr.
  • Contrabass Clarinet, Medina Community Band Member
  • Band Historian, "Community Bands of Medina, Ohio 1859 - 1996" 
    • All rights donated to the Medina, Ohio Community Band Association
    • Dedicated to Marcus Lawrence Neiman, On the 25th year (1997) of his service as recruiter for, organizer of, and conductor of the Medina Community Band. Thank you, Maestro!

David started playing clarinet in fifth grade, continued through high school into college with four years under Mark Hindsley at the University of Illinois and one year under Leonard Falcone at Michigan State University. Following a Ph.D. degree there in soil physics, he spent 27 years in tillage research at OARDC, Wooster, OH and played in the Wooster Community Band most of those years. Now a Professor Emeritus at Ohio State University. and after moving from Wooster to Medina County David joined the Medina Community Band (MCB) in 1987, playing clarinet three years, oboe for 10 years and now contrabass clarinet.

David published “Community Bands of Medina Ohio, 1859 to 1996”, in 1997, some of which appears in this history written by Marcus L. Neiman and edited by David and wife Jan for the 150 year celebration held during 2009. Material for the 1997 history was collected from 1850 to 1996 newspapers in the basement of the Medina County Historical Society (MCHS), various US censuses available in the Medina County Library, interviews with persons in Medina who had connections in time past with the MCB, and from MCB archives. Photographs were obtained from the MCHS, Medina Community Design Committee, and from a few individuals, especially Brenda Marshall. The manuscript was edited by the author’s daughter, Mary, and it was printed by daughter Lisa.