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Medina Community Band is one of the oldest community bands in the country. To those in Medina County, the ensemble’s summer concerts in the Medina Uptown Park Gazebo are simply a jewel in the crown of arts activities that happen every year.  Tracing its history back to 1859, the ensemble continues to do what it does best – bring wind band music to our listeners!

The current roster of musicians includes over 75 volunteer musicians from mature high school students through youthful 80+ year old members. These folks give freely of their time, rehearsing weekly from September through July each year.

Concerts by Medina Community Band, whether inside during the fall through spring concert season, or on the Square in Medina, are free and open to the public.  We plan to continue that tradition into the future!

The 2015 summer concert season marked the first time in our history that the members of the ensemble oversaw the entire operation of the group.  The Medina Community Band Association serves as our governing body and fiscal agent.  We are extremely proud to finally have oversight into what we do and how we engage the various individuals, groups, and community!

Almost 30 percent of the current ensemble have been members for between 20 to 40 years.  Another 20% have been members for between ten and 20 years.  Not surprisingly, 40 percent of the ensemble have been in the ensemble for as many as five years!  We continue to grow!

Why we need your support!  Your tax deductible donations purchase music that the ensemble performs not only for the current season but also future seasons.  Hall rental for rehearsals and concerts and staff salaries are also supported by your donations.  In general, all operating costs are covered by donations.  Please consider making an “In Memory Of” donation for a loved one!  We do not share any donor information with any other organizations!

Please consider corporate matching, foundation/trust donations, and partnership funding!  

Become a “band fan!”

Some things have changed, some things haven’t!  Medina Community Band will continue to present its winter, spring,

and summer concerts under the baton of Marcus Neiman (pictured at left).  Marcus is celebrating his 43rd season as our conductor!  

Marcus will be assisted by David P. Roth
(pictured at right), local music teacher and Band Director, who has come on board as associate conductor.  You’ll be seeing David fronting the band on future concerts.  No, Marcus is not retiring, only getting some help!  

Medina Community Band has been bringing its own special brand of band concert entertainment to Medina audiences for over a century.  Its weekly concerts, from June through the end of July, in the Uptown Park Square Gazebo, are the kind of evenings from which memories are made.  It’s not uncommon for grandparents to tell us that “their” grandparents took them to concerts on the square and they are bringing their grandchildren to current concerts.  Our spring fundraising campaign seeks your support for our ongoing yearly expenses including printing our programs, purchasing new music, renting space for rehearsals and concerts, storage of equipment, and staff salaries.

We are calling upon you to help support of Medina Community Band by making a fully tax-deductible contribution.  In addition to knowing that you are keeping one of Medina’s oldest and most respect traditions going, we will list your name, along with other generous supporters, in all our concert programs for the entire season.  You will find a new donor card enclosed with this letter and we encourage you to complete it and return it to us.  

A new feature of the website will be a listing of those who not only come to our concerts, but also help make sure that we can continue to doing what we have done for so long – present band music to our audiences!  Please look for postings of our donors on the website as well as our summer concert programs.

We are also offering special corporate donation and/or advertisement sponsorship signage placement in all our season our programs (reaching between 10,000 and 15,000 concert goers yearly) as well as signage placement on our website from January through December of each year.  If your company, or employer, has a matching donation program, please contact us to see how we can partner with you and your company.

If you have questions regarding donations or sponsorship, please feel free to contact Maestro Neiman at 330.725.8198 or On behalf of the Medina Community Band and Community Band Association, thank you for your consideration to our request.